Secondary Section

Secondary School Timings: 8:00am to 2:30pm – Monday to Friday
Teacher – Child Ratio: The teacher - child ratio is 1:28

Co-Curricular Activities :-
Freedom week :-
Heroes come and go physically but remain in our hearts lifelong. The martyrs of our country have created a long lasting impression. A tribute was paid during to these wonderful people during the freedom week which started from 15th August and ended on 24th August.

Sports and Arts Programme (SAP) :-
CPGIS believes in an integrated development programme. Extra curricular and co- curricular activities are an integral aspect of our curriculum. These programs are offered to provide enrichment and enable students to learn new skills and to give them the opportunity to explore areas of physical, academic, social and creative interests. The activity program is compulsory for all students, twice a week.

Inter House Competitions :-
Children from various houses participate in inter house competitions held regularly in school. The competitions include Chess, Recitation (Hindi & English), Art, Handwriting, Singing etc. Points are allocated to the winners of the respective houses.

Student Council :-
From young to old they learn to be responsible and carry out their duties effectively. They develop leadership qualities which go a long way and it helps them to become good citizens. Social interaction among the leaders and the children is at the optimum level.

Culminating Activity :-
At the end of every unit or volume in most subjects we have a culminating activity which gives the parents an idea of how much the children have absorbed, grasped and learnt.

Field Trips :-
Education is not limited within the four walls of the class. The outside world also teaches a lot. At CPGIS we take the students for field trips according to the curriculum.

Project week :-
In project week students make individual / group projects which provides a vent to their creativity and also develops understanding of team spirit.

My Delightful Moment :-
One of the unique initiatives of CPGiS is to cordially invites all its talented learners to display their innate potentials by sharing their ‘MOST DELIGHTFUL MOMENTS’. They are allowed to sing, dance, play an instrument, do mime, mono acting, storytelling, poem recitation or even share their experiences about their most delightful moments. Parents are cordially invited to preside over the showcase of young budding artists of the school thus boosting their confidence and self worth.

Guest Lectures :-
The learners of the school also enjoy the benefit of expert opinion on various academic concepts taught in the school by the best professionals in the field, to facilitate better understanding and holistic development of the learners on campus. The guest lecturers are invited to the campus to address the learners and satisfy all the curiosity in the mind of the learners related to the concept making the subject more meaningful and enjoyable.